Sustonable – sustainable recycled material

Sustonable is a highly durable and ecological recycled composite for all kinds of interior design projects.

The new kind of environmentally friendly, thin and very light material is made of natural stone and recycled plastic. Sustonable recycles 100 PET plastic bottles on every square meter!

The versatile Sustonable is particularly suitable for example as a kitchen countertop, wall panel or shower room walls.

Durable and beautiful recycled composite

Sustonable looks like a beautiful natural stone, but its durability is in a class of its own. The material does not break easily, it tolerates handling and transportation well.

Recyclable and ecological

Sustonable supports the circular economy by cleaning seas and mountains from plastic waste and recycling it into raw material. 100 PET plastic bottles are recycled on every square meter. Sustonable's production consumes less energy and generates 80% less waste material than the production process of traditional materials. Sustonable is made to last a very long time, but at the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled.

Sustonable  - ecological, affordable and easy to handle

Chemical free

The material is made from pure raw materials. Sustonable wants to reduce global pollution and create a cleaner environment – that's why no reactive chemicals are used in the production process.

Low carbon footprint

Sustonable releases the least amount of C02 into the atmosphere compared to conventional surface materials.


Sustonable is ideal for a variety of applications, including countertops, shower areas and walls.


Sustonable strives for a more sustainable world – the more people who have access to sustainable products, the healthier our planet will be. Eco-products cannot be just a luxury, otherwise we are far from saving the planet.

Easy handling

Sustonable is thin, lightweight, and extremely durable. It is also easy to handle and transport, as the material is strong and does not break easily.


Sustonable is very hygienic as it is a completely solid material.

How to install Sustonable wall panel