High-gloss panel boards

Gizir's high-gloss panel boards are suitable for public and residential space solutions, furniture and cabinet doors. Gizir is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer producing high-quality panel boards and components.  The company delivers products to more than 45 countries all over the world. Gizir has a good selection of panel boards both with neutral and bold designs.

Certificate: Standard EN 717-2

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Furniture board MDF High-gloss acrylic

A high-gloss acrylic-coated furniture board that is a good basic product for various purposes.

  • Gloss level 95-96 (ISO 2813, light angle 60°)
  • acrylic 0.7 mm coating/MDF
  • monochrome, background film white matt

GAP-A010-9 White, 9x1220x2800

GAP-A010-16 White, 16x1220x2800

GAP-A040-18 Black, 18x1220x2800, drop shipping

Package size 20 pcs

Furniture board MDF Polylac

When you need very high-quality, ultra-glossy and durable furniture, Polylac is the right choice. In addition to monochrome and wood patterns, Polylac's pattern selection includes a wide variety of personal decorative patterns, so even the boldest decorator can find a look they like for their furniture.

Polylac is a mirror-clear furniture board that is shinier and more scratch- and heat-resistant than other high-gloss furniture boards. Polylac is also easier to work with because it doesn't break or split as easily when cut.

  • 100% PVC-free
  • mirror-clear finish, gloss level 99 (ISO 2813, light angle 60°)
  • particularly high scratch and heat resistance
  • layered MDF board, printed paper film and clear PET coating
  • background film in the color of the surface film as a mat
  • cuts well without cracks or breaks

White and black, size 9x1220x2800

White and black, size 18x1220x2800

Package size 20 pcs

Edge bands 1*23 mm

Polylac furniture boards delivery time 5 weeks.

See the Polylac brochure

Edge bands

The edge bands are either single or double colour tinted for the selected laminated surfaces.

Solid through-dyed ABS (Stock item: White)
Translucent high-gloss acryl (Stock item: White and Silver/White)
The minimum order quantity is 1 roll (100 meters)/pattern.