Flexible service for interior design and construction professionals

We spend most of our lives indoors and therefore, it is important that indoor spaces are comfortable and safe environment to live and work. In a building we mostly interact surface materials. Their origin, beauty and healthfulness determine our comfort.

We supply materials for construction as well as coating materials for joinery and furniture industry. We offer certified, emission-free, antibacterial and easy-to-maintain surface materials for both new construction and as well as for renovations. When choosing products, we pay attention to the economic viability of their lifecycle costs. Our suppliers are well known international manufacturers whose certified products meet the highest standards of use.

Our customers include furniture manufacturers, real estate developers, builders, construction companies, carpentry shops, special equipment manufacturers, architects, interior designers, interior design engineers, project builders, and interiors contractors.

Nordstock is LX Hausys European network’s strategic partner in HIMACS products in Finland and in the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As a member of the strategic network we are able to implement demanding, large-scale projects.

We support the success of our customers with reliable and flexible service as well as with quality products. Customer service and customer satisfaction are important to us at Nordstock. Large inventory, reliable supply and short delivery times are the cornerstones of our service that our customers value.

Welcome with us to the world of surface materials!