A beautiful and functional kitchen

Ideas for a personalized kitchen countertop

Whether it's a kitchen countertop, an integrated countertop-colored sink, or a kitchen island, with HIMACS you can realize them all and create a dream kitchen for both home and professional use.

The waterproof and dirt-repellent surface and the sinks that can be installed seamlessly on the surface are a key choice for the kitchen.

HIMACS Z001 Strato Cloud in kitchen

HIMACS Chic Concrete 20 mm worktop, doors Intense Ultra Black

HIMACS Z005 Strato Slate in kitchen

Kitchen sink, HIMACS Q001 Terrazzo Classico

HIMACS S028 Alpine White Kitchen island with wooden open shelves

HIMACS S305 Emerald in kitchen

Creative kitchen island design, HIMACS M428 Ispani, G100 Peanut butter

Combination of a kitchen island and a table, HIMACS Alpine White S028

Shelves in the kitchen, HIMACS S305 Emerald