HFLOR SPC luxury vinyl tiles

HFLOR PRESTG DECORIGID 55 is a new generation of flooring that combines modern coating technology, wear-resistance, versatile design, high-resolution printing, rigid stone composite support structure, a pre-laminated sound damping layer at the bottom, and easy installation with 5G click. The material is suitable for public spaces and residences both in new construction and in renovations.

The PUR surface treatment on the stone mineral compound gives very good wear-resistance. The thickness of the layer ensures a long service life even in high-traffic applications. 

  • The composite structure is highly moisture resistant.
  • High-resolution, perfectly detailed wood and stone textures.
  • The 5G click system allows for quick installation and later replacement of damaged tiles. 
  • The material is an emission-free and safe alternative to spaces where indoor air quality is important.


  • The thickness of planks and tiles is 6.0 mm and the wear layer is 0.55 mm
  • Acoustic insulation dB 22
  • Category of use 33 Public spaces / 42 Industry


Express delivery from Nurmijärvi warehouse:

Flooring: 6 x 228.6 x 1,523 mm, 8 pcs / box (2.79 m2/box) color 7901


Warehouse delivery from the European Central Warehouse:

Flooring: 6 x 228.6 x 1220 mm, 8 pcs / box (2.23 m2/box)

Floor tiles: 6 x 450 x 900 mm, 6 pcs / box (2,43 m2/box)


SPC floors can also be ordered from our online store: www.pintamateriaalit.fi


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