ORIGIN vinyl mats

For safe indoor air

The ORIGIN vinyl floor coating manufactured by LX Hausys is suitable for high-traffic areas where indoor air quality is important. The indoor air remains healthy because the material does not emit any compounds and it is easy to keep clean. The coating is highly resistant to wear and resilient to indentations. The vinyl mat absorbs loud noises and is comfortable to walk on without slipping.

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  • Long-term care facilities, day care and educational facilities
  • Malls and public spaces
  • Hospitals, clinics and operating rooms.


  • Deep Clean UV + surface treatment: An impervious surface resulting in the industry’s best antibacterial, non-static and scratch-resistant properties.
  • 100% free of phthalate and heavy metals. Manufactured with only safe ingredients.  The material does not produce harmful emissions.
  • Strong wear resistance T (EN 660 – 2).
  • International quality classifications EN/ISO and CE certifications.

Stock colours

SMO1225 Shadow

SMO1226 Mist

SMO1232 Ocean

Custom colours

SMO1201 Snow White

SMO1202 Pebble

SMO1203 Moonstone

SMO1204 Ash Grey

SMO1205 Slate

SMO1206 Ivory

SMO1207 Clam

SMO1208 Yak Bone

SMO1209 Sand Stone

SMO 1210 Apricot

SMO1211 Cocoa Brown

SMO1212 Bud Green

SMO1213 Celladon

SMO1214 Tea Green

SMO1215 Aqua Marine

SMO1216 Sapphire

SMO1217 Royal Blue

SMO1218 Amber

SMO1219 Orange

SMO1220 Red Pepper

SMO1221 Cream

SMO1222 Snow

SMO1223 Luna

SMO1224 Cloydy

SMO1227 Sandy

SMO1228 Cappuccino

SMO1229 Mocha

SMO1230 Chestnut

SMO1231 Olive

SMO1233 Indigo

SMO1234 Jean

SMO1235 Lilac