Shops and exhibitions venues

The stylish HIMACS solid surface leaves a great first impression. For example, store furniture, reception counters or sanitary facilities made from HI-MACS will be impressive and functional. Domestic and international chains use solid surface in commercial spaces, such as exhibition shelving, showrooms, and service counters.

For updating store appearances, we offer vinyl planks and tiles that are easy and quick to install reducing downtime.

Our standard and special-order panel boards offer different designs and gloss levels for impressive indoor furniture solutions to stores and shops.  Benif interior films and 3-D foils provide additional variety.

3-D shapes, material usability and high-quality appearance are also suitable for reusable showrooms or exhibition furniture.  Our materials bring style and accents to any space.

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Shops and exhibitions venues

HI-MACS, Oblique Men Flagship Store


Nordstock Flooring LVT vinyl planks and tiles

LG Benif Interior Film