Educational facilities 

Homogenous, antibacterial and emission-free flooring materials provide healthy and safe environment for students and teachers alike. On custom bases, we also supply various flooring materials such as shock-absorbent PVC-mats suitable for sporting courts. 

Vinyl tiles and planks that are easy to install are suitable for renovations.

The solid surface HIMACS is suitable for use in educational facilities as vanity tops, worktables, desks and laboratory countertops. The robust, dense and seamless material is suitable for demanding uses.  It does not collect dirt and is easy to keep clean.

3-D laminated cabinet doors are suitable for high-use applications. The seamless front surface prevents the harmful effects from moisture and averts fraying of the edges.  We supply LX Hauys Deco foil to cabinet door manufacturers who can provide you with 3-D laminated cabinet doors and other components.

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Educational facilities

Imaderm Institute

Newcastle University

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