Solid surface

HIMACS Natural Acrylic Stone solid surface can be used to build seamless, straight, and curved surfaces. The solid surface withstands moisture, repels grease and dirt, and is suitable for sites with particularly high hygiene requirements. The HIMACS solid surface is beautiful, durable, easy-to-care and effortless to mold to the desired shape. The material is suitable for high-use spaces in both public spaces and homes.

The HIMACS solid surface has certifications by international classification societies including fire safety and food hygiene. The material is eco-friendly, as it is made of aluminum hydroxide AI (OH) 3, which is a discarded by-product in aluminum processing.

Durable solid surface material 

HIMACS is a solid surface material developed and produced by LX Hausys. It is composed of 75 % of natural mineral (aluminium hydroxoide) and bound by acrylic resin with added natural pigments. The beautiful solid surface generated in the process is extremely durable. The product development and production facilities are located in South Korea and the United States.

HIMACS is a solid surface material that differs in both its composition and manufacturing processes from most other products of the same type on the market. The HIMACS solid surface manufacturing process includes a two-stage heat treatment that stabilizes the product and improves its surface hardness. Features include translucency, plasticity, ease of combination with other materials, and use in facades.

  • HIMACS material can be sawn, cut, sanded, drilled, planed or milled with standard woodworking tools. The material is simple and easy to handle.
  • HIMACS has its own tinted two-component adhesives for colors, which can be used to create seamless ensembles.
  • The working premises should have a dust removal system so that the jointing and surface treatment are successful as desired.
  • The material can be thermoformed into the desired shapes at a temperature of 160-180 Cº with equipment suitable for the purpose.
  • The boards are pre-sanded, and the products are finished by sanding the surface to a suitable gloss level. Normally, sanding starts with 120 grit, with factory-ground surfaces you can start with 280-320 grit.


Light sources behind the translucent and thinner sheets gleam lively and beautifully on furniture surfaces. The effect of translucency can emphasize the shape of the object or the material can be designed with patterns creating completely new kinds of room interiors. The material is lightweight, firm and beautifully transformative with light. HIMACS is ideal for making light fixtures and light-up furniture.


HIMACS is easily thermoformable. The material can also be handled using standard woodworking tools and the special adhesive ensures invisible, seamless joints. The flexibility unlocks new ways to design curved surfaces.

Combining with other materials 

HIMACS can be combined with other materials such as stainless steel, glass or wood. Combining materials can easily create contrasts as well as personalized space solutions.


The surface treatment of the HIMACS solid surface, as well as its thermoplastic forming capabilities, durability and seamlessness, make it an ideal material for facades and as cladding. The HIMACS product, with low color leaching, as well as good UV- and weather-resistance, is suitable for outdoor use. Because HIMACS are smooth and solid, it is also easy to clean – even removing graffiti is possible.