High-gloss panel boards

Gizir's high-gloss panel boards are suitable for public and residential space solutions, furniture and cabinet doors. Gizir is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer producing high-quality panel boards and components.  The company delivers products to more than 45 countries all over the world. Gizir has a good selection of panel boards both with neutral and bold designs.


Standard EN 717-2

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High-gloss panel boards

  • Gizir UHG Panel – High gloss panel board, material PVC/MDF or PVC/particle board, Gloss level 85-90 (ISO 2813, light angle 60 °)
  • Gizir Acrylic Panel – High gloss panel board, material acrylic/MDF, gloss level 95-96 (thickness 16/18 mm and 8/9.4 mm)
  • Gizir Polylac – Ultra glossy panel board, material Polylac/MDF, gloss level 99 or matt gloss level 19-20
  • Gizir Acrylic Panel Senosan – High-gloss panel board, material 2 mm acrylic/MDF, gloss level 95-96


  • Panel board size: 1 220 x 2 800 mm
  • Sheet thickness: 18 mm (also available in 8mm and 10/16/22 mm thickness)
  • Minimum delivery of standard design: 20 boards = pallet (18 mm)
  • For customized colours, the minimum production batch is 100 panel boards.