Sustainability of Fiberon

Fiberon Balance - Green Story

We all enjoy the outdoors, some enjoy the warm sun and others don't mind even if it rains cats and dogs. On the terrace it is nice to enjoy the surrounding nature or just a fresh breeze outside.

Fiberon is an environmentally friendly terrace material made responsibly from recycled materials.


The trees are beautiful.

One million trees are saved from felling every year, as waste material from the wood industry is used in the manufacture of terrace boards.

About half of Fiberon's terrace board material is recycled wood - sawdust and waste material that would otherwise be discarded. That's great. Although the terrace boards look like wood, no virgin trees are cut down to make the boards.

Think about it: on average, about 11 large size pine trees are used for one terrace. Fiberon does the opposite and saves more than a million trees from felling each year. Approximately 15 000 football fields of healthy forest are saved every year.

Trees should give our backyard’s shade, not flooring.



Plastic lasts a lifetime – or more.

Approximately 45 million kilos of recycled plastics can be reused by Fiberon every year.

The other half of the material on the terrace boards is recycled plastic. Think grocery bags and packaging material. A typical western family uses about 1,500 plastic bags annually. And each is spent about 12 minutes. After that, it is likely to be found in a landfill or in the sea, where it could survive and last up to 1,000 years.

But it is the same resistance to decomposing that helps Fiberon Decking last a really long time. So Fiberon recycles those same plastic bags, incorporating 2 000 of them into a single deck board.

Fiberon uses an average of 45 million kilos of recycled plastic a year. That's the weight of two full cruise ships. Let’s use plastic for things we want to keep for a while, not just 12 minutes.



Resourceful to the last drop

Making Fiberon composite decking requires a lot of water. The good news is that almost all water is re-used.

The water is kept in a water reservoir about the size of a standard swimming pool at each plant. And it's re-cycled over and over again.

The close-loop system recycles the same water every day. With it, we prevent billions of liters of water from ending up in the waste-water stream – enough to fill up 5 300 Olympic-size swimming pools. Water is precious.

Let’s save every drop.



Don't waste a thing

Fiberon reuses 98.5% of the waste from its manufacturing process.

When it comes to food, humans easily create waste, even when we don’t intend to. Think of all the rotten produce and unidentified leftovers from one week, let alone a lifetime. Now imagine if you could find a way to re-use all that waste before it hits the trash bin, leaving the weight of a small bunch of bananas as your food waste for the entire year.

In that way, Fiberon operates in its factories - metaphorically, of course. Fiberon reuses 98.5% of the waste from its manufacturing process – from misfit boards to router clippings. Every day. It is a way Fiberon is keeping its carbon footprint small when it comes to manufacturing.