Gizir UHG Panel

(PVC/MDF or PVC/chipboard) high-gloss furniture panel board, gloss level 85-90 units

The UHG panel is a high-gloss PVC laminated panel board with the backside film in the same color but in matt finish.  Available shades are wood-patterned and fine decorative designs, such as holographic and 3D patterns, which create unique furniture pieces.


  • PVC laminated
  • High-gloss finish, gloss level 85-90 (ISO2813, light angle 60 °)
  • Backside: film with matched matt finish
  • Wide range of patterns
  • Size: 1220 /2800 mm
  • Thickness: 9, 16, 18 mm

In stock at warehouse White, thickness 16mm.