Gizir Acrylic Panel (Acryl/MDF)

High-gloss panel board, gloss level 95 – 96 units

The Acrylic panel - a laminated, high-gloss panel board - is a suitable base for a variety of uses. The panel boards are available in solid colors with a backside film that is always white.


  • High-gloss finish, gloss level 95-96 (ISO 2813, light angle 60 °)
  • Backing film: white
  • Versatile shade selection.

In our warehouse, we stock the high-gloss white panel board (A010 White), both in 18 mm and 8 mm (9.4 mm) thickness. In the same economical price category (Category 1), Off-white, Cream and Cappuccino panel boards are available from manufacturer. Category 2 solid colour panels are also available from manufacturer.

Colours in price category 1:

White, Off White, Cream, Cappuccino

Colours in price category 2:

Red, Black, Gray, Violet