LVT Vinyl planks and tiles

A beautiful floor that is warm and quiet makes for an enjoyable space in both public areas and at home. Nordstock Flooring vinyl tiles and planks are beautiful, wear and moisture resistant, easy care and fast to install. The vinyl floor has an excellently finished, natural surface that is easy to keep clean because dirt does not stick easily. Vinyl tile or plank floors are quiet and pleasantly warm.

Vinyl Tile 5 x 610 x 305 mm, 8 pc (1,48 m2) / package

Vinyl Plank 5 x 1522 x 245 mm, 6 ps (2,2 m2) / package

Nordstock Flooring colours in stock

Vinyl Tile JMS019 Napoli

Vinyl Tile JMS004 Roma

Vinyl Plank JMW123 Hazel Oak

Vinyl Plank JMW100 Midnight Oak

Vinyl Plank JMW094 Pale Oak

Vinyl Plank JMW070 Babylon Oak