NEW: Decorative panels

We have new interesting products available: Gizir high-gloss decorative panels which are suitable the public interiors as well as household, furniture and cabinet doors. Gizir is an ISO9001 certified, high-quality panel and component manufacturer that distributes its products to more than 45 countries.

Gizir Polylac (Polylac/MDF) ultra high-gloss panel
When there is a need for a very high-quality, very glossy and durable furniture, the Polylac is the right choice.

Gizir Acrylic Panel (Acryl/MDF) high-gloss panel
High-gloss acryl-coated Acrylic Panel is a good basic material which is suitable for various applications.

Gizir UHG Panel (PVC/MDF) high-gloss panel
UHG panel is a high-gloss PVC-coated panel which backside is the same color as the surface.

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