Interior trend of LG Hausys – for an improved quality of life

Every two years there is an Interzum fair, which is the world’s largest event for material industry suppliers. Companies present the latest trends in interior design at fairs. LG Hausys introduced the trend for an improved quality of life.

People who strive to maintain their values and beliefs based on digital solidarity and intellect are assuming self-repentant attitude toward the most recent environmental problems. They are also playing a leading role in the call for responsible consumers. The 2019/2020 issue of LG Hausys Trend explorers how environmental problems – particularly climate change – affect our life and living spaces. This years “Better” focuses on positive willpower related to life and living to propose design themes that convey an uplifting energy and inspiration.

FABLE – A space that embodies fairytale-like imagination with a bright and happy mood based on animal motifs. The predominant color palette is the lovely hues of spring, with a focus on the light blue of clean water and a spring sky untainted by fine dust, and also includes lime green, salmon and lavender. The vivid, sharp colors, reminiscent of peacock feathers, create a cheerful mood and add vibrant energy to the spaces in which they are applied. White and toned-down beige are used as background colors to amplify the dream-like tone.

TREAT – A home meditation space that promotes total wellbeing of the body, mind and psyche. A repeating pleat pattern is actively utilized as an element to highlight the contemporary handicraft-like mood. Veils that create a soft and comfortable mood, materials that execute the simple, calm and beautiful emotions of nature, organic materials agglutinated with soil and wood, dried “planterio” that creates a stylish atmosphere are alla used to express a sense of mystery.

ORB – A serendipitous space that fosters curiosity about the unknown and positive outlooks  on our future. The futuristic colors of silver, titanium and gray that is so dark it is almost are primary colors that create a heavy “aero mood”. Silver, chrome, the uniform “grain” of brushed metal, an iridescent material which looks deffernet depending on the source of light and presence of mirrors are key materials that express a futuristic sensibility.

Better – Fable

Better – Treat

Better – Orb