Welcome to visit our customer day 9th October!

We welcome you to visit our customer day

Wednesday, 9.th October. 2019 at 9-15, when it suits you

At Nordstock Ltd Oy, Nallekuja 5, 01900 Nurmijärvi.

Come and see what’s new in the 2019-2020!

for example

  • LG Hausys HI-MACS® Ultra-thermoforming white composite stone with 30% better formability and HI-MACS Intense Ultra – black, dark grey and grey composite stone with Superformability combines intensive colour technology. These materials are the biggest innovation in the history of Solid Surface materials since 1967.
  • The brand new HI-MACS Strato collection – a linearly textured material with new colours and neutral shades.
  • HI-MACS Concrete – a  collection of Allied Rough Concrete design with a smooth and polished finish – two new colours for the season 2020.
  • HI-MACS Marmo- High-quality Marble replicas collection is complemented with four newpieces.
  • New LG fire-safe Benif interior film that fit into both new construction and renewal of old surfaces.
  • Gizir Colección de Madera decorative panels for design-style furniture, doors or walls.
  • Gizir Polylac – a mirror-clear and scratch-resistant panel, which can also be ordered with your own design the amount required for the project.
  • The ORIGIN of LG  Hausys,  a homogeneous sheet which is safe for indoor air.
  • Easily installable, Premium Nordstock Flooring vinyl planks and tiles.
  • LG Hausys decorative foils.

Welcome at the time that suits you. Our doors are open and our staff is waiting for you. To be able to book enough coffee, it would be nice if you can register by 4.th October: info@nordstock.