Polylac (Polylac/MDF)

Gizir Polylac (Polylac/MDF) ultra high-gloss panel, gloss level 99

When there is a need for a very high-quality, very glossy and durable furniture, the Polylac is the right choice. Polylacs design is available both solids and wooden patterns, in addition to a wide range of distinctive decorative patterns, even the boldest decorator can find a perfect look. Polylac is a sleek panel which has superior scratch and hot resistance compared to other similar products. Polylac is also easier to handle, because it does not break or crack as easily as other high-gloss panels.

  • 100 % PVC-free
  • a sleek, ultra high-gloss finish, gloss levele99 (ISO 2813, 60°)
  • very high scratch and heat resistance
  • layers of MDF-panel, printed paper surface and a clear PET coating
  • good selection of shades and patterns
  • backside matt color is the same color as the surface
  • easy to cut without cracks or fractures

Look at Polylac Brochure (pdf)


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