COLECCION de Madera decorative panels

COLECCIÓN de Madera furniture panels and wall panels are perfect for design-style fixture furniture and furniture, furniture doors, furniture components or impressive walls. The birch plywood is coated with genuine wood veneer. The painted surface lattice is pattern milled, laser-treated and lacquered. The full-blade panel is firm and sturdy.

Our range includes a standard de Madera basic panel, a bendable special panel and a tongue-and-groove wall panel. We also deliver directly custom-made furniture components and edge-lined furniture doors. The pattern range includes a number of natural embossed faces.

COLECCIÓN de Madera is a Order Product with a delivery time of about 5-8 weeks. The delivery time for custom-made products will be specified separately when ordering.



  • Embossed double or single sided birch veneer surface
  • Wooden painted, laser-treated and lacquered matt finish
  • Birch plywood core
  • Several patterns
  • Alternatively, either without edge coating or with edge strip or ribbon



COLECCIÓN de Madera furniture panel

  • Wood veneered double-sided birch plywood board suitable for design-style furniture.


COLECCIÓN de Madera Flexible furniture panel

  • Wood veneered, curved furniture sheet with grooved backing. Suitable for curved surfaces.



1220/2440/18 mm

1250/2500/18 mm

1250/2500/09 mm


COLECCIÓN de Madera wall panel

  • The wall panel is a wood veneered pine-edged birch plywood panel that fits on walls that want a stylish wooden surface.


200/2500/09 mm


Colleccion deMadera brochure


Colours (bigger image with click)


W101 Silver apple tree

W102 Windsor apple tree

W103 Rift apple tree

W104 Rebel apple tree

W105 Legend apple tree

W106 Wild apple tree

W107 Dark apple tree

W108 White dye oak

W109 Smoke grey oak

W110 Wintage oak

W111 Mistral Oak

W112 Burl Mocha

W113 Burl Antique

W114 Savage lemon tree

W115 Rustic lemon tree

W116 Shadow lemon tree

W117 Storm grey lemon tree

W118 Burned brown lemon tree