Decorative panels

Gizir high-gloss decorative panels are suitable the public interiors as well as household, furniture and cabinet doors. Gizir is an ISO9001 certified, high-quality panel and component manufacturer that distributes its products to more than 45 countries. Gizir offers a good selection both neutral and bold shades and patterns.

Our range of high-gloss decorative panels are available in three different gloss and surface material:

  • Gizir UHG Panel – high-gloss panel, material PVC/MDF or PVC/Chipboard, gloss level 85-90 (ISO 2813, 60°)
  • Gizir Acrylic Panel – high-gloss panel, material acryl/MDF, gloss level 95-96
  • Gizir Polylac – ultra high-gloss panel, material Polylac/MDF, gloss level 99
  • Gizir Acrylic Panel Senosan – high-gloss panel, material 2 mm acryl/MDF, glos level 95-96


  • Panel size 1 220 x 2 800 mm
  • thickness 18 mm (also available 8 mm and 10/16/22 mm thckinesses)
  • minimum delivery in standard colors is 20 panels = one pallet (18 mm)
  • customer specified colors minimum order is 100 panels

A matt Gizir Collección de Madera Furniture panels and wall panels are great for design-style furnitures and furniture components, or impressive walls.

Gizir Collección de Madera -Wooden, bendable or straight panel and wall panel, birch plywood/wood veneer, painted surface veneer is printed, laser treated and lacquered.