Decorative foils

Decorative foils are plastic- or paper-based coating materials used in the furniture and furnishings industry and the interior design of public spaces. Our selection includes foils in solid, wood and abstract design. Our selection has a variety of 3D foils that are colour-coordinated with paper- and melamine-coated sheet components.  This ensures an almost perfect colour match regardless of the surface material. We can deliver our stock products from our warehouse within two working days. In addition to the stock colours, we offer a wide range of our suppliers’ designs with different colour and surface treatment options as well as individually designed patterns as ex-works deliveries.

3D foils

Three-dimensionally formable (3D) PVC- and PET-based coating foils are used for furniture components, such as cabinet doors. The foils are thermoformable and lamination is easy with either a membrane or vacuum press. The result is a finished, high-quality, easy-to-maintain surface. Our stock selection contains about 50 different patterns.  We offer, with a quick delivery time, solid, metal-coloured, wood-patterned foils and premium class high gloss foils in 1,300 mm and 1,400 mm widths. The standard foil thicknesses are 0.35 mm or 0.40 mm depending on the foil type. The standard thickness of high gloss foils is 0.50 mm.

Thin coating foils

We also deliver paper, polypropylene and PVC foils used in surface lamination. For the marine industry, we offer fire-retardant PVC foils. Our self-adhesive foils are suitable, for instance, for repair purposes in public spaces. We offer a wide selection of different colours and patterns. The strengths of polypropylene foils include natural colour printing, low lamination expenses, an eco-friendly production process and safe waste treatment.

Download Product catalogue 2013 Foils (pdf)

3D-Door Manufacture Quality Guide (pdf)

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