We have added three colors of LG Hausys Medistep Origin + vinyl flooring to our stock range. Emission-free, homogeneous vinyl flooring has been developed especially to meet the requirements of the hospital and health care sectors. The material is also suitable for schools and other places where special attention is paid to safe indoor air. Medistep Origin + does not emit any harmful substances, since only safe ingredients are used in its manufacture. The flooring is 100% free of phthalate and heavy metal, hard wearing class T, does not conduct static electricity and antibacterial. There are 35 colors in the LG range.

Medistep Origin + Conductive, is suitable for operating rooms, laboratories and electronics industry, with good conductivity and a stable resistivity eliminating the electrical charge of the flooring. Medistep Origin + Safety, is suitable for applications where the risk of slipping under all circumstances is reduced, such as health care and nursing facilities, teaching facilities, industry and industrial kitchens.

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