For design

HI-MACS® gives architects, designers and artisans the freedom to use their creativity. HI-MACS® is perfect for individual design. Whether you want a hexagonal table with integrated lighting, carved surfaces, thermoformed seats or impressive facades, HI-MACS® adapts even to the most unique ideas.


The translucent colours and thinner sheets allow light to pass through beautifully. The translucency may be used to accentuate shapes, and patterns may be designed into the material, creating entirely new spaces. The material is lightweight, durable and interacts beautifully with light. HI-MACS® is excellent for lamps and illuminated furnishings.


HI-MACS® has great thermoplastic mouldability. The material can be prosessed using normal woodworking tools. A special glue ensures invisible seams. That is why HI-MACS® is more versatile than traditional materials. The flexibility of the material provides new ways of design.


HI-MACS® may also be combined with other materials, such as stainless steel, glass or wood, thereby making it easy to create contrasts and individual interior solutions.


The surface treatment, shapability, durability and seamless surface of HI-MACS® makes it a functional material for facades and claddings. The richness of its colours and good UV-resistance allows HI-MACS® to be used outdoors. As HI-MACS® is smooth and dense, it is also easy to clean.

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Leonardo Glass Cube Germany

Leonardo Glass Cube Germany