Care instructions

HI-MACS® is a durable and stain-resistant material, which makes it easy to maintain.  With proper care, HI-MACS® remains as good as new for years.

Regular cleaning

Daily cleaning is done by wiping the surfaces with a moist cloth and with a regular mild detergent. If the surface to be cleaned is matte, an abrasive detergent may also be used when necessary. To retain the uniform look of the matte surface, you may occasionally wipe the whole surface with either an abrasive detergent or a wet rubbing sponge.

Ingrained stains

The most common stains are easily removed by wiping. Ingrained stains, such as tea, fruit juice or food dye may be removed with bleach, which is allowed to touch the surface for a maximum of five minutes. After this, the surface is cleaned with a regular detergent and rinsed with water. Abrasive cleaning items are also suitable for cleaning a matte surface. Removing nail polish is easily done with an acetone-free nail polish remover. Nicotine stains and burn marks may be cleaned with an abrasive cleaning item and by polishing with a fine polishing material.

Acidic detergents

Strong acids, such as detergents containing chloromethane or acetone, should be avoided in the daily cleaning of the HI-MACS® surface. If the material comes into contact with acids, the surfaces must be rinsed quickly with a regular detergent and water to prevent changes in colour.

Hot or sharp items

Do not lift hot cookware straight from the oven or stove onto the HI-MACS® surface – use table mats to protect the surface.  When pouring boiling water into the HI-MACS® sink, run some cold water simultaneously.  HI-MACS® endures daily use and wear well, but sharp items may cause minor cuts and scrapes. The marks are easily polished off, but the repair of deeper cuts requires professional services.