HI-MACS® applications

HI-MACS® is ideal for both homes and public spaces.  Health care facilities, restaurants, hotels, offices, facades and the ship and boat industry demand durability and low maintenance, therefore HI-MACS® is an excellent choice. The versatility and easy workability of HI-MACS® allows creative freedom.

Domestic bathrooms and kitchens

In addition to tables, worktops, sinks, basins and sink tables, HI-MACS® is ideal for shower floors and walls, bathtub edges and other vertical surfaces. HI-MACS® is great for homes that desire individual, high-quality and durable solutions for everyday activities.

Shopping centres, shops, offices, banks, reception areas

HI-MACS® is great for any place where first impressions count, for instance, shop furniture, reception desks or sanitary facilities.

Restaurants, cafés, nightclubs, hotels

HI-MACS® is excellent for surfaces subject to heavy use and frequent cleaning, such as the service counters in restaurants and tables in cafés. HI-MACS® is approved to be used on surfaces that are in contact with food. The individual appearance, low maintenance and easy care of the material help provide good customer service.

Laboratories, hospitals, health centres, reception rooms

HI-MACS® is resistant to many acids and alkalis and the dense, fiberless structure of the material does not release any particles. The seamless surface guarantees that no bacteria or mildew is left to germinate after cleaning. HI-MACS® is very suitable for spaces with high standards of hygiene.

Ship and boat industry

HI-MACS® is a natural choice for the interior decoration of both luxury cruise ships and yachts due to its non-porous surface that endures moisture and hard use. Functional, beautiful and durable space solutions are achieved also for the harsh conditions of open seas.



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